Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Now we have an acceleration data logger ...

Long time no see!

After months I managed to do some more work on this project. I put an Arduino Nano on somewhat resembling an unholy alliance between a breadboard and a soldered prototype board and don't question my craftsmanship!
It's terribly soldered on the backside.
There is an added Micro-SD Breakoutboard on which the data is stored. The arduinosketch can be found on the githubpage under the name datalogger. It also does free fall detection now. Why?

Because I'm going to use this on a water rocket to trigger the parachute ejection. However, before I do that, I need a reliable parachute ejection system to ensure that the parachute will open. Because without parachute, the datalogger won't survive.

On the INS side of the project I looked into ways of filtering the data to get some accuracy, but then I stopped doing that because I'm doing this for fun.

I hope to be back with some actual data from the rocket flight soon.