Saturday, February 1, 2014

Arduino Library Installer

I got tired of downloading, unzipping and moving Arduino libraries to install them, so I wrote a little script that does that for me!
It's a python script that downloads the zip files, unzips them and moves them to the libraries-folder. The URLs to the .zip-files are listed in an .csv-file called 'repo'.
Right now it only works on Linux and you have to change the username in the source code, to you get the correct paths. There already are some libraries in the repo-file, but it's a short list compared to the long list of libraries available. So, if you have a github-account, feel free to commit URLs!
The code also needs more work, so you people don't have to change the source to their usernames, make it run on other platforms and make the repo-file available online, so you always get the latest list of libraries.

I would be happy about any feedback. I hope this can be useful to some people.

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